Thursday, July 20, 2006

First day in San Francisco: 20th July 2006

Hello to everyone ! Here I am in San Fran. There is a heatwave here. Its 7pm and its still hot. I flew here from Sydney ( Australia's south East coast), and when I left it was a cold winter's day of 7 degrees c. I am heading from here to Tuscon Arizona ( University of Arizona, Native American Indian studies program )and expect it to be 45-50 degrees c( 110F )!

I will be posting more once there and adding pics and more info. Welome to those know me and for those who don't , thanks for logging on and tavelling with me!

I have been so fortunate to recieve a Fulbright award /fellowship. I hope this site will be a place for me to share my journey, my research and be a place to interact with others ! I hope it will also inspire you to aim for your own dreams.

ok , enough for now , more soon!


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