Sunday, July 30, 2006

Arizona Tuscon 30th July 2006

Tuscon is huge city , by Byron Bay Australia standards!(if you have google earth go have a look ). I am staying on the east side of town and the mountains are in the north.From where I am sitting I can see the Catalina mountains which are covered in cloud today. We have had flash flooding and it has cooled things a bit .This morning I went to the local Catholic church with my hosts. The priest spoke about dealing with "overwhelming times" in our lives . A good message! It is interesting to see how people live here .The surroundings are so radically different than my usual home by the pacific ocean.
The desert here is full of cacti of all sizes and descriptions , some with red fruits , which local people make into jams.

Last night I was treated to some of the best local mexican cuisine at 'ROSA'S' , there was a line waiting to get seats and as I waited a woman said to me " have you been here before "? "No,I replied , I have only been in town 2 days " "Oh , she said , wow , good work , your only here for two days and you found this place !" That should tell you something about how good the food was!and the Margaritas! The whole place had amazing murals . When my camera is charged again ,( doing that right now ) I will be out snapping pics to show you. There is so much to show, the landscape , the mountains , the desert colours and shapes and even right where I am staying.
So stick around... check in and travel with me.

tomorrow , I will head to the University of Tuscon to the American Indian studies program . I am excited as this journey really takes off.

be well.


At 6:23 AM , Anonymous jenny fraser said...

hey samia

great to see your snaps and read of your journey so far : )

I havent been to Arizona but i have a friend who was studying a Masters in Native Curating - imagine that - a whole course - we would be flat out finding 1 subject to do on that topic here in oz... She loved the Arizona Desert. I cant say that I would love it for too long myself - i need those negative ions fromthe sea air. When I have spent time in the Desert near Alice Springs I have felt a bit anxious for that lack of water.

Whats going on here? well you're missing a great "winter". So great I have been swimming at the Gold Coast. Over the weekend I spent time at Rosebank - at an Osho retreat, I so needed that - rolling green hills, trees and plenty of them! I made friends with a black faced wallaby ; )
I thought of you as I drove past your old road.

next week I fly up to Darwin for the Telstra Award & Nokturne exhibition:

how exciting!

talk to you later

jenny fraser


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