Sunday, March 18, 2007

blog lost in cyber land

Just to let you all know. I just wrote a new update. Took me over an hour and its lost. As are half the photos. So they have come up as if they are part of the Arizona log. Sorry , I will try correct this soon and update on what these pics are of and put it in order. Blog has gone to a new site and format , so it has a few issues right now to be ironed out. I am however in SF now . These pics are of Jamacia.. and I will try regroup and tell you all about that adventure . The people and history, the fill you in on a wonderful and exciting project in New mexico with "Youth Allies" and then bring you up to date with my work and the course I have just taught here in San Fran. Always a bit behind here as things move so fast and there is always more to tell you than I have time for . anyway !!

So come back soon .


At 2:27 AM , Blogger Sharen said...

We are happy that you share what you can with us now, but expect much more when you return. What an amazing journey. How's the PhD going?

At 3:52 AM , Anonymous eddie said...

Hi Samia!! Hope Cali is great. The Red Ink issue is almost done. Lost your adress. Please email it to me and I'll send you an issue.

Bye. Take Care. Miss you.

At 8:38 PM , Blogger Adi said...

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