Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twin towers 9/11 New York

This is a big back track. Only now am I able to update and a good 4 weeks has passed since I could. These photos are taken from where the world Trade center was. The feeling there is sad and very moving as you can imagine. The photos are from a small church near by .This church became the place that volunteers and workers slept and sought solace as they tried to help. The stories and the feelings were overwhelming and heartbreaking. It was a terrible thing and yet the human resilience and the heart of people coming together in unity to help each other was incredibly inspiring and moving. These things are happening all around our world to many people.To be here though and see and feel this makes it real and I felt nothing but compassion for peoples loss. Ordinary people , just like you and me , who that day were caught in something terrible.


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