Friday, October 13, 2006

central Park NYC

This is a day in Central Park , just walking you see so much. The park is a god send and the trees a blessing. These are the first trees I have seen in 3 weeks. I was craving green . On our magical mystery tour,we came across a group of dancers and performers from mainland China. These Children were incredible ,the proffessionalism and talent was incredible. There was a dance group of young girls who were stunning and beautiful to watch and then a group of shaolin kung Fu , both boys and girls. This was exceptional,the whole audience was moved by their absolute brilliant performance and level of skill . I had never seen live anything even remotely close to their level. This coming from an Aikidoist .... I can only imagine the hours and hours of very strict training to acheive such results!

Further along , just wandering through " strawberry fields"( a section of the park), where the the John Lennon memorial is , we came across a large group of people singing old beatles songs and realised it was a special gathering for John Lennon's birthday. It Looked to us to be Julian lennon leading things,so I am guessing it is. Sure looks like him. The mood was quite sweet and moving , singing " imagine " and people really meaning it.

So , this is a day in central park and as you can see , it really is true that the best things in life are unexpected and FREE.


At 5:15 PM , Blogger Sophie said...

beautiful photos Samia! I found your blog from looking at Jane Simpson's site. I am glad to get a chance to read more about your insights and travels

I hope all is well with you-see you soon.


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