Sunday, August 27, 2006

glimpses of home -

Just a few shots of life at homein Australia. The ocean , with friends James and Amber about to go for a surf. We do have the best surf and I miss it. My little studio at Ocean shores, on the deck. I had to pack up before I made this trip and let it go , as I just rent.It was a sweet home.
Then a pic of me with my darling dog Tara, a 5 year old kelpie / shephard cross whom I rescued from the dog pound(prison ).She was on death row the day I got her, when she was 9 mths old and we have never looked back ! SHE IS my family. I love her heaps and she is now having a fun farm holiday with my friend Susan. Just wanted to back track and put these up , as a few folks wanted to see how my dog looks.What the ocean looks like , so , THIS IS FOR YOU EDDIE !!!


At 8:28 PM , Anonymous Eddie said...

Tara is very cute!!!

Kimmy and I would like to have you over for dinner sometime this week. I'll email you to see if we can find an evening that works.



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