Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home in Tuscon

This is just some pics to show you all the luxury I am staying in.It IS GREAT to have a pool , so nice to cool off in after a long day of work. The cacti are everywhere and amazing! One day when I get home to Australia ,I will start a special Arizona Cacti garden. The color and art through and around the home is spectacular . I am very fortunate to be here. I am getting everything to work and finding my way on buses and riding my bike around. You have to do a lot early in the day or otherwise it is way too hot. I am learning to wake up early and get going. I went to the University , it is a half hour by bike or a two hour bus trip
( due to changes and waiting ) . So, I will be biking as much as I can. I have met some of the staff and walked around to see the campus which is huge and has aprox 50,000 students . The city itself is aprox 500,000 people. I will meet more people and have my office set up by next week and then the students all come back. I am looking forward to this and having everything working by then.

more soon. time to walk the dogs and get dinner going.


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