Friday, August 04, 2006

On the way to the University

"humanitarian aid is never a crime "Today at the university I ran into a woman from Brisbane Australia in STA travel. She told me this story .
Many Mexican's try and cross the desert here Illegally. Due to the heat and conditions , many never make it and DIE!!! Recently 2 Locals drove into the desert area on the USA side. They found 2 people lying in the sand , near unconscious and very weak. They helped them into the car and took them into Tuscon to the nearest medical center( hospital ).At the Hospital they were all arrested and now the Americans face a 15 years sentencein prison for helping the illegals.It is a huge issue here and is a issue debated in the Senate right now.
The woman I spoke with has made a documentary about this and I will find out more about thisand the title of her film. I hope to meet again and get a copy . She works with the university to show films and was interested in the films I have on loan from CAAMA and Walpiri Media ( central Australia Aboriginal Films ).
Anyway , now I understand the context better for these signs. They are literally on every block in peoples yards .

I also pass this adobe, (Mud, painted white )house everyday walking the dogs. It is stunning and this is just one small aspect of it . It is apparantly very old and famous , but as yet I do not know the actual story.I intend to find out .

The other couple of pics are of buildings on the campus.Most of the main Central buildings are old ones that circle a large area where the student services and bank, food places and other services are. The rest of the campus is spread for miles
( and I mean miles and miles ) and the buildings are newer and not as attractive.


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