Monday, August 28, 2006

Gathering and birthday

A WONDERFUL evening with great people. These are some of the great people I have met at a gathering organised by my host, head of the American Indian study department. That's me on the left and then the woman with the short hair and purple dress is Tsianina, who is the head of the department.The other wonderful women are all successful students celebrating hard work.I am sorry not to know all their names.I just jumped in to get a picture while I could.

The other photo is of my friend Lu and a kind man , Who I met last week.Lu came and picked me up and drove me up to the party.As you can see ,she has a great smile. She is also a film maker and works on a site the university has set up.,( I am sure that is it ), which hosts talks and a series of lectures and various activities on the site. Well worth the look.
The house itself is very close to the Catalina Mountains.I found out that the Catalina's are higher than Kosiosko. Must be amazing in the winter with snow.

The photo with the 2 women and man are new students and friends from South DAKOTA. One of the women , kim ,had been to Byron and so that was a great feeling of home being shared. People from south Dakota seem to talk slow enough for me to understand more easily than most American's.I adopted them as they felt like Australian's and we really got on well.

The night was special , lots of rich conversation and connections . I was surprised by a birthday cake and gift( it was my birthday).How very sweet.
I was so surprised in fact that,I could hardly speak.I am very moved by the generous spirit here .How warmly I have been welcomed. How wise and real people are, and the feeling that learning and knowledge are strong .
It was a wonderful evening.


At 8:09 PM , Blogger Noah and Erica said...

Happy Birthday, Samia! Glad you had a good time surrounded by good people. Love, Erica, Noah and Maya.

At 8:05 PM , Blogger usmob said...

Hey Samia
Decided to use this medium - see if I can make it work. First of all its great following your progress and to see that everything is going so well. Happy birthday for last month - Brendon had his yesterday and tried desperately to bypass it but we got cake and sang the birthday song.
My disappointment in all of this is that I can't see the pictures for some reason. What do I have to do to download them.
Canberra is beautiful in the Spring. The blossoms are out and everything is so alive.
Hope to catch up soon.
Lots of love
Sandra Brendon and Leslie Pete.

At 8:37 PM , Blogger Adi said...

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