Sunday, October 01, 2006

weekend over the border/Mexico

A quick trip with the girls over the border for Mexican Independence day , which happended to be on a weekend just before I was ready to leave ARIZONA. These are some pics of the ocean and 2 of the crew in the water , Lu , whose birthday it was and the main reason we went ( to celebrate ), and Amy.
The place is called " rocky Point ",on the sea of Cortez.The rocks are everywhere in the water. The tide runs 12 ft and so on high tide it is totally fine to get in and out , but on Low tide its a task, wading and crawling over exposed rocks.

The trip opened my eyes further to the sadness of the border issue here and the starkness of poverty on one side and affulence on the other. This is considered the playgorund of Phoenix Arizona and Texas. The whole town grew up around tourists and trailers and cheap bars. Now people cashing in on the boom of hotels and quick $ from the tourist. Just as in Bali , people stroll the beach hawking goods , buy a small wristband , have your hair done in a plait or maybe a fake tatoo. Kids on the alleys selling candy and begging for handouts to feed empty tummies. It was harsh.

On The way back we passed maybe 12 border patrols , We also heard stories that curled our hair about people being shot, true or not ,it highlights how serious this issue is on both sides. We passed a Orphanage close to the border .
Once home I found out that a friend who works at the University visits there and helps out and takes gifts for the kids.We have talked and I am keen to get involved.

It will be a way to do something directly. We are going to set up a project and gather people to sponsor the kids and also hopefully create projects for them that help change some of their circumstances. More on this soon.IF YOU are interested, let me know and once we have it organised we can send you information.

The rest of the shots are of where we stayed. I even learnt a little spanish. The local people were all so kind and patient and loved that we all tried to speak in their language and not always in ENGLISH.


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