Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Deidre, my good friend from home( OCEAN SHORES), arrived from Oxaca Mexico to join me here for a week. We had the long ( LABOR DAY ) weekend and a couple xtra days to go for a journey .After the white mountains, we headed north for the Grand Canyon. These pictures can never convey the incredible sight this place is. The word AWESOME, DEFINTELY suits. We spent the day till late at night driving , then walking around the south rim. These few shots are of the furthest point we reached on the south rim. I had been here 25 years ago, so for me it was very special. The tower is incredible and full of paintings and the design inside is really special. AT Sunset we headed to a spot the locals had told us would be quite and not crowded. We had it basically to oursleves and sat and watched the sun set and the sky and rocks and canyon change in color. It truly does touch something in your soul. I hope one day that you can see this place for yoursleves.
later we drove and stopped at the IMAX and watched a movie on the history of the Grand Canyon. It was great to see , but we were disappointed to not see credits or acknowldegement to the local Native/ caretakers of this land , nor any mention of whose country it is on ? such as NAVAJO? Hopi ? We were both puzzled by this.

We drove back to Flagstaff at around 10pm ,very tired and so we managed to become lost again, for a good hour within 5 mins of where we were booked in to stay.Funny, if your not tired ! Flagstaff is a fun place and we enjoyed real coffee and some cooler weather and the locals we met and talked with were wonderful and interested in Australia. The town has a very outdoors feeling, and is also a bit touristy. However it really had a nice feel about it. We Stayed in the cheapest place in town and the owner was a lovely Indian man and we felt very comfortable.We had looked at other places ,more expensive and they were nowhere near as friendly. We were sad this night as we found out Steve Irwin (THE CROCODILE MAN) had died. No matter what you may say about Steve,he certainly lived a vibrant life and defintely cared about animals . It is just a VERY sad thing to die tragically like he did and leave 2 small children and a wife behind. Next stop SEDONNA.


At 6:01 PM , Blogger Alley Kaye said...

REally enjoying your Arizona travelogue! What a wonderful opportunity. Glad you got a chance to see our beautiful Grand Canyon. Have fun in Sedona! Check out my blog if you want to


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