Friday, March 30, 2007

Indian Blood

lately I have noticed articles and essays addressing the amount of violence towards Indigenous people here in the USA. I am including some for peoples interest. This cover " Indian Blo0d" is from the Sante Fe free paper and in it was a horrific article about the number if Indian people murdered and beaten in New Mexico. Some in broad daylight. The statistics of incidence of violence ( those that are reported), are higher than for African Americans across the country and they are generally under reported and generally not followed with arrests of any kind.
In my time here there has actually been very little at all in any press media or Television that talks at all about Native / Indian issues here.
When I speak to people , the feeling is that they are invisible , forgotten and that it is a not something that even registers at all on the national agenda and also that there is very little awareness of the huge issues people face daily.


At 6:30 PM , Blogger bulanjdjan said...

Hi Samia,

I'm a friend of Sophie's, sent here by a post on her blog. I was wondering if you feel the invisibility in public forums and media suffered by Indigenous Americans is greater than in Australia?

It seems to me that there is quite a bit of media on Indigenous issues in Aus, though typically negative, and often only sporadic. But then, because I have a particular interest, maybe I pay more attention than the average Aussie.

I guess I'm asking what prompted you to comment on the invisibility- was it noticing a disparity between the situations in the US and AUS, or a similarity?

At 2:31 PM , Blogger samia Goudie said...

Hello Bulanjdan,

Yes , I am talking about invisibility that has been expressed to me about this issue for Indigenous people here.

I have been told this again and again by many native folks. It is also my observation. I do feel we in Australia do get to be seen , in media ... even if it is mostly negative and as you say sporadic , we are on the agenda.

At home we are ntoiced to some extent in policy, where here it is entirely a different system o0f governance and responsibility, ( this is complex).

We also feel we do have greater visbility
( again my observation), in the ARTS , film ,koori mail and other publications, music , radio and spots on sbs and ABC , where we are heard and have a voice. send me your actual email and I can go into more depth on this issue , I am only touching on it here in my answer.


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