Friday, March 30, 2007

youth allies Sante Fe Mountain center

Here is a great project in Sante Fe New Mexico called "Youth Allies". I had the great fortune to work with this group fo exceptional young people at the Sante Fe mountain center. This group has been meeting for months and works together across race and gender and demographics withing their communties to bring leadership and vision . I was so inspired and moved by their strength , warmth care and respect. With youth like this the world has hope. Many of the youth came from Indigenous communties in the area. Another exctiting project is called
" emergence" , which works with 11 Pueblo groups in the area and does a similar thing. The work they do also is about leadership and also addressing with the youth and communties the issues of "historical trauma" and the legacies of settlement. Very well run and out together with a dedicated team . The day I spent with the group we did a lot fo outdoor training and team building using ropes and climbing and I shared the skills of digital storytelling and we made a small story as an example. The group now is collecting photos for a larger exhibition and hopefull will make a story to send me to share when home with youth in Australia. I remain excited at the potential of this method and the joy I see in people as they make their stories.

Photos are of some of the young people on this day.

For more inof on the Sante Mt center go to :

SFMC Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Santa Fe Mountain Center
PO Box 449
Tesuque, NM 87574

Phone: (505) 983-6158
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