Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech

As most will know a terrible incident has happened here in Virginia. Many of you will have seen the news reports and know the basic story. I wanted to send my heart felt thoughts of healing to all involved in this incident , the families , the students and all who feel its effect.

I hope that reflections about how this can happen and what can be done to avert such events prove helpful. I would wish that somehow from this senseless and sad action that the lives of those lost are honored with peaceful solutions in our world .

I am putting a link here to access online first person reflections on the events of yesterday. It seems that online media , face book and blogs have been very busy.Students are utilising this resource to communicate with each other about their feelings and thoughts. The mainstream media has been getting most of their leads from this sourcing.

For all those suffering here and elsewhere , in Iraq in Darfur , in all corners of this planet, may peace and healing become our desire. May the leaders of this world and corporations somehow realise there are indeed things more worthy than making money and eating away at the worlds resources. It is up to us to be the ones who make a future that is better. It is up to us to create a world where people don't suffer isolation and fear , where people who are unwell are helped so this kind of thing can be averted if possible.

I have just been at a Fulbright seminar and I saw in the news one of the students killed was a Fulbright Scholar. Senator Fulbright created this program of student exchange in the hope or promoting peace and understanding between people's of all nations. I believe this is possible. I do not have further details on this but am sure that as the days go by more stories of the people who died lives will unfold. Many of them died protecting others , all were people , like you and me .


At 8:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mullah Cimoc say this part of destroying of usa for punish for war crime in iraq.

but go back long time. this because male of ameriki, and all western society, alienated or some say obsolete. this causing the frustration and go insane.

One famous ameriki satanist naming anton levay, him book call "secret life of a satanist", him discussing this same subject so long ago and predicting accurately what happen this killing and why happenign this kind of the killing.


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