Wednesday, May 09, 2007

San Antonio Fulbright Enrichment seminar

Just a few shots of some of the people at the Fulbright Enrichment seminar in San Antonio. WONDERFUL. Very full days working and trying to solve issues facing the local community , such as water and social issues. The group was 150 people from 60 different countries and it was incredible and rich to meet people interested in all kinds of diverse areas and who are committed to creating positive change. I met wonderful folks from everywhere and connected strongly with a large group from our nearest neighbours , yes Indonesia and NEW zealand and also people from IRAQ the philippines, spain and even Siberia. I met Indigenous people from all these countries and also had the chance to connect with others working in film , media and pyschology and share our works and ideas.
I was also invited to present , one of 3 people , the others presented on issues in South Africa ( work in setting up an a project in orphanges there ) and then also great work happening in the philipines creating community iniatives around housing and improving impoverished neighbourhoods. The project was an excellent example of self determined action , coming from the work of the community but funded by various groups and countires.I think we NEED this in Australia. I did also notice Australia was one of the funders for this . Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this happen with our communties at home? I presented on issues at home( more )! , though we only had ten minutes , not long enough and I knew that was going to be a challenge , still I managed to touch on things and had people follow up with me after and lots of conversations. I think if nothing else it really gave people some idea of the current situation at home for HEALTH.

I have been reading the latest reports " closing the GAP" if you want to really know more about health disparities go and have a look. Google it and download the PDF. Also ANTAR has a great speech given by Gary Highlands " these are the killing times" , this is very to the point and timely. I agree so much with him and it links into my work very well.I am writing a lot right now and finally having some time to do this . I know it is SORRY day soon and am thinking of all at home. SORRY day is a national day of apology and recognition of what has happened in Australia. SPECIFICALLY the " stolen Generation". The Govt has as yet not been able to make a formal apology, thus community people and Ngo's and some locacl councils have adopted this day as a day for People personally and collectively come together and say " SORRY"........For more , Google this issues , or " stolen generations" or reconcilation council Australia , AnTAR or other key words SUCH AS " sea of hands" ( for native title). Also for films , "Rabbit proof Fence " " stolen generations", " Tracker". There are numerous very good Aboriginal films. Also you can see a full list from CAAMA FILMS or WARLPIRI FILMS , such as " yella fella " or " green Bush".


At 10:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey, Samia!

You may have to update your comment about the Apology! It was a great day - very moving. I hope it went some way towards the healing...

Best regards
Paula Hogg

At 2:29 AM , Blogger mohamed mahmoud said...

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At 3:55 PM , Anonymous Chigbo Mgbemene said...

Samia, it is ten years since the enrichment seminar in San Antonio and the memory and the impact you all had on me are still with me. It was great meeting diverse and wonderful people like you.


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