Sunday, November 16, 2008

please go see new Blog site for current research

Hello everyone ! This is to let you know of my new and current blog. please go and see at this will take you to my current research and also my research proposal for changes in my work and updates.

You can link here to

This is a wonderful process and I thank all who have been traveling with me on this journey. The current site also has ,inks to Hopevale Pelican project which is undertaken in Cape York with Elders , community and the pelican partners. This project is championed by Des and Estelle Bowen with Pelican. Pelican is an environmental working vessel that undertakes projects along the East Coast of Australia. I have been involved with them for Two Years and invited to partner to develop Digital story skills in the community through the camp held in September Holidays. This year with Natalie Davey of Saltwater and Pelican along with 2 other trainers , James Leech of the SLQ and Toni-Jayne Northcott we delivered a 3 week story telling project in a very remote place. We set up a tent and had a generator and worked in 40 degree heat with crocodiles patrolling the beach next to us. Yep and next G still got us broadband ! if you were game to wade out in low tide and hold your phone up high.

Anyway , please go and look , there is a bit of material there useful for thinking about doing DST , and making films and links. I also will be putting up the 18 stories made in that camp along with more pictures and updates , articles etc.

You can also link to the Hopevale pelican project wiki which has postings by the community and links also again to my page and Pelican. All these sites relate to each other and share different aspects of the partnerships and more full information about the community in general as well as Pelicans has a lot on other fantastic projects they have been involved with as well. There will also be powerpoints and links from there in the near future.

Be well and go look.


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