Wednesday, June 25, 2008

time to come back 08

I have had a huge break from writing here,nearly a full year.I have decided to start again as people have asked me to and so here I am bad spelling and all ! Yes , I do rush sometimes and forget to edit , just a flaw I have and something I promise to improve on. Thank god for spell check.

I had originally seen this to be a site I would use only during my Fulbright year, however there has been so much happening and despite my best intentions to set up a website I have not yet done so. It seems this will have to do for now and will serve to pass on news and updates of my own life and those I work with and issues here that are ongoing. One major one is the APOLOGY to Indigenous people in Australia and so I will hope to get here and update all on this as well as other things. You can of course google APOLOGY to Indiegnous Australian's and bring up a lot. There was also one made in Canada and this was interesting to see as well. Of course opinion varies greatly about what it all means . However for myself , It was very moving and I cried and cried. I did feel it was genuine , even if there was underliying political reasons for it for the parties involved. I wish to feel the genuine intent and feel the healing offered and go forth with hope. That is my preference.I felt deeply moved and many others I know did. It certainly was not something I truly thought to see in my life. I know for many Elders and others from families effected by removals , myself included here , felt this deeply and the emotions were raw and real.

I do think it is just a beginning , there is MUCH to do and may roads to travel still in this country before we see a real change in health and wellbeing in communties. I hope we can work together and bring about a true closure of the " Gap" and disparities in health and life style between Indigenous and Non Indigenous people here and elsewhere.

There is so much to catch up on , the changes here. My own journey with my PH.D and studies, which I am well into and is going well , finally can almost see an end. I have a new job with the University of Queensland now about 8 mths. The DST work with the wonderful Pelican crew . Trips back to the USA to give key notes. Much much more.

so I will begin ... and today here is some pics. then soon I will update on things. This is a picture of the Hopevale crew last year. to read more go to This mob is amazing and I am so blessed to become involved and connected with the work they do. I really admire them all . The Hopevale Elders also have inspired me and the work with community there is a true inspiration. I am grateful for this and many blessings in my life and for wonderful friends.

anyway more soon.